self-portraits & (sort of) homeade cookies…

i love sophia’s new phase… wanting to do everything that mom, dad & siblings are doing. she loves helping to do the dishes & “fold” laundry & now wants to watch & get involved with the cooking, which is a little scary. but still oh-so cute. she helped me get cookie-dough all rounded up & ready to put into the oven, i just couldn’t keep her from digging in the dough & eating a few spoonfulls…

020 023 024 032 048

she couldn’t help herself from doing a little cookie-dough dance…

035 046


051 054

thanks for always being my silly girl & always keeping everyone around you smiling, especially me!!

One Comment on “self-portraits & (sort of) homeade cookies…

  1. Gina, finally I logged into your blog. I just love all the photos and comments. you are such a good Mom!

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