the stuff we do…

sophia, you & i have a pretty good routine going for our days & it is funny to watch you go from one thing to the next & you know when it is time that we usually do something. your new favorites are coloring & helping mom do whatever she is doing or just trying to copy whatever i am doing. the whole coloring thing is pretty funny because i have to watch you like a hawk, you like to eat the crayons. last time we colored we were listening to music & you kept pretending you were dancing around behind me but really you were hiding behind me so you could eat your crayons… sneaky, sneaky!! everytime i would turn around to catch you you would shake your little booty & laugh as if to say, “what mom??  i’m just dancing here!!!”  i know i shouldn’t but i couldn’t help but laugh with you.

002 007

yesterday we were leaving to go do a few things & you got ahold of my phone. you LOVE playing with my phone but you have figured out how to call people & it is usually either grammy mary or daddy, i’m sure because they are usually the last 2 calls in my phone. you look so big in these pictures sophia. in the past 3 or 4 weeks we have noticed your face changing a bit… still as gorgeous as ever of course, just a little more of a big girl face taking shape & it is awesome to watch!!

027 029 031

and of course last night just like most nights now you want to help mom cook dinner, thanks for the help baby girl…

032 040 041 043 048 038

sophia, when you were 5-6-7-8 months old you would love it when i put the camera on timer & run over to lay beside you for a picture, i think you loved the beeping sound it makes. now that you are almost 2 you love it because you know exactly what to do when the camera is on you… you smile.

2 Comments on “the stuff we do…

  1. where did you find the owl barrette/? she looks like a midget teenager…
    love all the pics little Sopapia is so happy. she has such good mommy and daddy and she knows she is loved and cared for. love her

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