sick day…

this morning started oh-so-early, it was about 5:30 when sophia started coughing so badly that we had to get out of bed, (she usually wakes up between 6:30 & 7 a.m.)  she is always a cuddle bug in the mornings but this morning, because she really wasn’t feeling well, she wanted her bear & her blankie & her mommy all together on the couch for awhile. i had to get up for just a second to get my camera though…


meme & papa got this bear for mikayla on one of the summer trips that they took her on, either colorado or south dakota (??) well, sophia found it in her sisters room & it is now with her everywhere she goes, she drags this thing all over the house with her. it’s funny though because it’s a pretty big bear & when she comes running into our room when she wakes up during the night she has this big bear clutched in her arms, it really doesn’t get any sweeter.

getting outside to get some fresh air this afternoon is just what we needed…

011 043 041 009

me & my girl…


we got your humidifier going in your room tonite & i hope that helps you sleep baby girl. here’s to both of us feeling better tomorrow!!

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