saturday evening i made spaghetti & meatballs for dinner… (none of us are real big meatball fans in this house but i do have to say that these were the best meat balls i have made, they were super simple & super yummy!!)

anyway, mikayla & sopha sat down for dinner, shane wasn’t home from work yet but the girls were hungry & couldn’t wait any longer & jarred was at work….  sophia got so frustrated trying to pick up those long strands of spaghetti & when she finally got a piece on her fork it would fall off before it made it into her mouth, ooooooh my goodness she was frustrated & when she get’s like that she just starts screaming. so she was screaming & i was trying to cut her spaghetti into smaller pieces & then mik started to show her how to twirl the spaghetti onto her fork, shove it into her mouth & slurp it all up… soph loved it, she was laughing so hard!!! mik is good like that, instead of getting frustrated when sophia is frustrated & upset & screaming (i tend to get frustrated in these moments), mik can usually find a way to divert sophia’s attention somewhere else, she is able to get her to move on & i am so thankful to mikayla for that!! sophia still couldn’t quite get the spaghettin into her mouth so she just started picking it up with her hands, shoving it in & then of course, her favorite part, slurping it all into her  mouth.

i wrote on facebook “big sisters are always there to teach you the important stuff in life like how to properly slurp spaghetti”,  it is so true.

016 031 026 037

042 044

045 023 050 063

i am doing a project this year called PROJECT LIFE which is an AMAZING product created about 5 years ago by a popular designer/scrapbooker, Becky Higgins. it is a streamlined version of scrapbooking, there are pages with different size ‘pockets’ in them for photos & journaling & ‘stuff’ & you fill these pages for every week in the year. i have been wanting to do it for a few years now & this year i decided to jump in & give it a shot… my point was… because PROJECT LIFE is all about our every-day lives i have been taking more photos of our normal days & the stuff that we do & i love it!! i love that many years from now when sophia is in grade school & jarred & mikayla are off living their lives we will be able to look back & see & remember these days.

it is funny because here is sophia saturday night loving eating spaghetti with mikayla & the next day jarred came home with some chicken Mcnuggets & fries & sophia was all over him to share. every once in a while i will get sophia a happy meal with chicken nuggets & fries & it is her FAVORITE!!!

the first picture she is saying,  “Jarred, please share with me” & the second pic she is getting a little impatient, a little less polite & she is saying, “AAAAAAAHHHHHHH, give me a french frie, NOW!!!!!”

001 002

the third picture she is just so proud of herself, she has a frie in one hand a nugget in the other & she is so Happy!!  then look at jarred’s face, he is like “damn, buddha just worked me over for my lunch” so funny…


One Comment on “siblings…

  1. Seeing Mik and Jarred with Sophia ia such a treat. Oh, how she’ll remember those moments……so will they!

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