sweet moments…

sophia, you have ALWAYS loved, loved, loved your brother & sister but lately you are so affectionate with the both of them. sometimes when they walk out the front door for school you will go to the window & yell & cry & watch them leave & then when they come home in the afternoon you get so excited that you usually start doing your little happy dance. you are always “asking” them to pick you up & when they do you lay your head on their shoulder & wrap your arms around their neck real tight… oh sophia, they love you too baby girl.

saturday morning (1-27-13) sophia really loves it when we bring down her breakfast so she can have a little picnic on the living room floor with her sister & mommy while watching “The Doodlebops”  (which might have surpassed “The BubbleGuppies” as sophia’s favorite t.v. show)…..

003 002 004 007

sunday afternoon (1-28-13) shane & jarred were getting ready to leave for golf league & sophia decided that she wanted jarred to read her a book… & she would not take no for an answer…

185 187

One Comment on “sweet moments…

  1. Love these pictures of all the kids living life. Bubbleguppies?? Love you all

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