learning the word “NO”…

lately it seems that sophia runs at full speed from one thing that she shouldn’t be doing to the next. sometimes i feel like i just constantly tell her no. our house is “sophia proof” but i don’t feel like we can remove or move anything else, she is just going to have to learn NO & learn how to listen…. yah, good luck with that mom!!

she goes from getting on the kitchen table & leaning over to get the phone or whatever else is up there that she shouldn’t have, so now my phone & i-pod & papers & so much other stuff that i use alot has to be in the locked drawers. our computer is on  a desk in the dining room & she now knows how to open it & turn it on, she has actually started to listen a bit when i tell her no on that one. the list goes on & on & that is just the phase she is in…

013 033


014 019 021

i suppose it doesn’t help the issue that i stop & take pictures of her doing naughty things… ha. she is just so darn cute doing it.

of course, let’s not forget getting in to my purse,  that has to be my favorite!!  if i’m not watching her for a few SECONDS she is unzipping that thing & pulling out everything in it & her favorite part has to be unzipping & emptying my wallet.

these pictures are a bit blurry but you get the idea…

001 004

One Comment on “learning the word “NO”…

  1. Oh my I love these pictures. what a little munchkin the one of her reaching over and grabbing the phone while looking at you is funny as is the one of her with glasses on emptying your purse. oh girl you have your hands full….love her

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