waiting for spring…

i am writing this when it is 7 degrees outside, man it has been bitter cold out there all day but last saturday it was upper 40’s & beautiful so we got to get out & feel the sun on our faces for a bit. i couldn’t help but get sophia dressed in bright colors & channel some spring into our lives…


one thing i am sure you will notice in these pictures is that sophia is now sticking out her tongue whenever she is doing someting, she does it ALL the time now…

011 012 018 029 041 051 057 088 114

it was fun to have everybody out front, together for awhile…

026 091 092 096 106 129 131 171 172

we are definately ready for spring.

One Comment on “waiting for spring…

  1. Great spring pictures. I love all her colors. I’m so ready for spring too

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