Biggs & Sophia…

Biggs & Sophia, these two are always together. wherever sophia is Biggs is never very far behind & is usually right next to her… (photos 1-23-13)

026 030 031

i don’t know why he has to always be right next to her because sometimes she just jumps right on him & he get’s pretty annoyed but he never leaves her side. i think he was trying to hide from her here but she wasn’t having it, he is such a good boy to play hide & seek with her…

094 095 110 125 131 133

Biggs & Sophia… buddies.

074 075

lately sophia has been wanting her hair in pig-tails with “pretties” too. when she wants her hair up or she wants pretty barrettes in her hair she walks over with them & puts her head down, telling you to put them in her hair… so cute.

033 034 035 036

she loves just playing in her room & now we have her own little corner in the dining room with a few of her favorite toys to play with..

021 065 009 010 020 022

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