this lingering cold…

the past few days sophia has been couging & sneezing & not able to sleep very well because of it. she woke up this morning, after a long night of coughing, & she seemed to be so much better. so i bundled her up & took her to the Y with me for the first time, we went into the kids area, i set her down & the nice lady opened the little gate & sophia ran right in & didn’t even look back. i went to excercise for about an hour & came back & she was still so happy, she was playing at a table with a few of the other littles. then we came home… all of a sudden she was SICK again. cranky, coughing & sick, maybe it was a little too soon to take her out.  i turned the music on & we had some lunch before her much needed nap & i couldn’t help but snap a few shots of her adorable, little face with her red rosy cheeks. i am sorry you don’t feel well sophia but my gosh you are beautiful…

051 030 031 035 032 037 034

One Comment on “this lingering cold…

  1. Oh little Sophia, cheeks so rosy, eyes so big. What a love. I hope you feel better

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