snow days…

what to do on cold, snowy days…

wash all of the sheets & blankets & have my little helper by my side….

001 005 008

o.k. so maybe her idea of helping & mine are not quite the same but she is just so darn cute when she is “helping”.

she is now always running around with this cabbage patch doll that was mine when i was little, pretty cool… (maybe i should get her some clothes to put on it?? ha.)….

012 014

what is better than setting up a little “nest” in the closet & reading some books?? she loves it…

029 035 037

we did actually  manage to get the bed’s made & her room picked up… a few hours later.

040 041 042 043 057 071

friday morning the snow had finally fallen & it was time to get on with. she loved helping her daddy shovel out the drive-way…

001 003 005 009 010 020 027 031 045 049 072 068 063 060 057 055 052 050 092

i can’t believe how tiny she looks next to her daddy.

of course she got some dancing in with her brother. oh sophia you love your brother so much… watching you & jarred dance to louis armstrong melts my heart…

096 097 098

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