little miss personality…

i have always (except for very recently) kept a journal of quotes that i run across & find inspiring & i found this one that i had written down in an old book today…

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life & elevating them to an art”   William Morris.

i needed to see this today.

although, i still haven’t figured out how to transform my thinking to turn 5 loads of laundry into an art-form… but i am sincerely trying!!

the last few days…

(sunday 2-24-13)  there was plenty of snow still on the ground from friday but finally on sunday we got some MUCH NEEDED sunshine so we took advantage of it & played in the snow for just a bit…

055 014 039 024 022

she got a little freaked out a couple of times when she just kept sinking deep into the snow & needed a little help out.

2-26-13… watching cartoons early in the morning & snuggling with her dollie in her own little chair…

001 006

sophia now wants to always carry a “purse” around with her. she has made this gift bag into her purse & it is full of toys & stuffed animals, now whenever i tell her we are leaving she goes & grabs her purse because that is what mommy does. the other day i was leaving the house & she was staying home with daddy, she knew i was leaving & she went & put her hat on & grabbed her big, heavy purse & pointed to the door… my little dollie….

012 024 022 021 020 017


031 033 035

she is loving drawing at her little table…

036 040

having music to play has changed our house. now we can turn off the t.v., play some music & dance around & it makes sophia so happy. shane was dancing with sophia, holding her hands & moving around & sophia wasn’t sure what to do then shane & mikayla started dancing & shane was spinning her around from one hand to the other & then sophia got it. she is getting pretty good at her spins now…

004 010 005

she loves all music. i have a pretty strange ipod, there is classic rock, country, alternative, rap, pop,jazz…whatever it is on there & sophia loves it all. i love that!! we were eating lunch & she was very happy with the music that was playing…

017 025 023 022 019

little miss personality.

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