her favorites…

sophia, i hope that you are reading this & you are 18 years old & that you get a kick out of what i am about to tell you…

you are a music lover. you feel it through your entire body & i love to watch you move your body to the beat, YOU CAN DANCE GIRL!!

we are having a hard time capturing your dances on video because when you see that red light on the camera you get shy, yes… you do get shy sometimes.

i love that you love all music. i seemed to miss out on the gomez gene for being a musician but you just may have gotten it… & that is an awesome thing.

right now some of your favorite music is…

frank sinatra…. “that’s life” &  “luck be a lady”   anything frank really, i think you just love that “old time” sort of beat that he has. i love it too.

bruno mars… the doo-wopp stuff

beyonce… “single ladies” (the put a ring on it song)  mikayla & i have taught you the beyonce dance for this song, you know the one, put one hand on your hip & the other in the air, shaking it. sophia, i can’t even put into words how adorable it is when you do it & mik & i are cracking up the whole time…  good stuff.

the rolling stones… you just love them

franki valli… you really love “december 1963”  probobly because i can’t help but dance whenever i hear that song. i love this song.

queen… who doesn’t love freddie mercury?!?!?!

we always know when you really love a certain song because it’s like you can’t even control yourself, you hear it & you HAVE to dance…

your spirit inspires me sophia.


your dad & i had fun picking some new music this morning & you really loved dancing with him to some Bob Seger…

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One Comment on “her favorites…

  1. Love her choice in music. Frank and Freddie and Bruno Frankie V. She needs some Earth Wind And Fire….BeeGees. Throw in more Adele , Amy Winehouse

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