playing outside & sock puppets…

we are waiting patiently for spring to get here but it just isn’t coming soon enough. yesterday we got outside to play for a bit after we picked up mikayla from school…


you loved pulling mik on her roller blades but that was a little scary with all of the sand still all over the street & drive-way from the last few snows.

026 012

you had just gotten some cool new sneakers that you were loving running in & of course they were covered in mud about 2 minutes after we were out there. it’s ok, we cleaned them up for you & we can’t let a little mud keep us from playing outside when there is some much needed sun-shine happening.

jumping in your new shoes…

039 053

009 016 028

stopping to smell the flowers… they will smell better when they come back to life sophia, i promise.

043 042

you have really gotten into this “sock puppet” thing sophia. so funny, you are now running around the house with your little socks over your hands all of the time & i am now finding them all over the house…

055 058 060 062 067 070

it is hard to open up a book with socks on your hands isn’t it sophia, but you figured it out…

073 075 081

my goodness sophia you are just too sweet for words.


this is a new one too sophia…

093 096 094 102 106 112 115

leave it to little sophia to figure out how to turn her dollie’s stroller into a little “car” for herself.  i think your birthday may bring a tricycle for you & a new stroller for your dollies. we are getting excited for you 2nd. birthday sophia, time is just flying by & all i want to do is hold on so tight to little, sweet you.

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