new shoes…

i got these little pink shoes for sophia a few weeks ago at target & decided to try them on her last night to wear to mikayla’s concert… she loves these shoes. it reminds me of when i was little, 4 or 5 years old i think, i got a pair of red cowboy boots & i did actually sleep with those things on. she loved these shoes as soon as we put them on her, i think they are her dancing shoes…

014 013 026

she looks so proud of her shoes…


dancing queen… in her dancing shoes…

002 021 016 028

come on daddy chase me…


around & around…

038 037 040

then, first thing this morning she wanted these shoes on again. i guess breakfast is always better with pretty shoes, huh sophia.

053 055 060 062

she danced away the morning in them & of course she wore them to the gym with me & when it was nap time i had to wrangle them off of her & put them right back on after lunch… so she could dance some more.

i love this picture from last night.

i wonder what she thinks about in her pretty pink shoes looking out her bedroom window & into the big world…


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