“playing” with grandpa…

dad came by to visit sophia & i this afternoon & brought the accordian. it was funny because when he first got here she was bringing him ALL of her toys & books from her room & was all over him & then he got out the accordian & she just wasn’t sure about that…. at first. it took her a few minutes of sitting right next to me & then i would move closer so she would move closer until finally she wanted to push the keys & then she got it. she was happy then, pushing those keys & dancing around. what a great idea dad!!

003 005

she started out all the way across the room…


but then kept getting closer & closer, but she was watching & listening the whole time. that was awesome, watching her watch him & then looking at me & then smiling & then moving closer. so sweet.

018 026 030 031 032 034

i really can’t even explain how much i love this… sophia with her grandpa, playing music & dancing to music that i remember dad singing to me & songs that i remember from my child-hood.

034 035 037 040 043 048 051 062 065

these pictures are awesome!! we have to do this again soon dad!!

we love you.

One Comment on ““playing” with grandpa…

  1. Sophia and her Grandpa: Two beautiful people entertaining each other!!! Very Very Nice

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