laurintzen gardens 3-14-13…

it had been too long since we were all together & mom/grammy mary got us all out to laurintzen gardens this past thursday. what a beautiful day to be outside walking around, i am pretty much over this winter hibernation phase i have been in so it was great to walk & talk & be with everyone. mom, kera & i & all of those kids… what a crew!!

thank you mom for getting us all together, you are the glue that binds all of us.


054 087 091 100 103 107 109 111

120 126 131 134

she loves her big brother so much. jarred, you are amazing with your little sister.

136 146 158 163 202 207 222

when did this happen, when did we all of a sudden have a big bunch of teen-agers??  i know, we have watched them all growing up right in front of us but when i look at these pictures it all hits me at once… they are all beautiful & amazing.

246 250 261 282

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