dying our eggs…

how did we get so lucky… we have 3 amazing eggs! (yep, that is my humor coming thru)


it is no secret that I LOVE easter. I love everything about it. I love that it is the celebration of life & resurrection. I love that it symbolizes new life inside our hearts & outside our windows. I love that it means warmer weather is coming, if it already hasn’t arrived.

but I really love the memories I have of my family ALWAYS gathering for easter. I love that we would usually be at my aunt Karen’s & uncle doug’s & we would all dye dozens & dozens & dozens of eggs & have the BEST easter egg hunts & it was just fun. I love those memories.

easter has been hard the past 2 years & this year mom, rocky & I decided to “take easter back”… which is what we did. I cried my way thru church & celebrated life at the same time & then the rest of the day was… sunny.

dying eggs on Saturday…

019 037 049 056 062 066 078 088 089 097 101 102 103 104 105 121

it felt good to dye easter eggs again. especially with my mom & daughters. sorry jarred, we will save you eggs to dye next year. i promise.

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