last week…

the weather is getting nicer & we can finally get outside for some fresh air & much needed play time. Sophia just doesn’t seem to understand that mikayla is older than she is & mikayla get’s to go play with her friends when little Sophia has to come in. now, whenever we bring Sophia in & mikayla is still outside, Sophia goes from the front window to the window in her bedroom… screaming. the neighbors must think we are hurting that poor little child in here. even with that, the prospect of sunny days & warm weather activities makes me smile.


049 013

strike a pose…


later that night I was cooking dinner & went into Sophia’s room to see why she was being so quiet…

she was coloring in her pink easter hat that she loves so much. my sweetie.

091 093 102

122 124 151 159


the next morning I was on the computer & Sophia was taking very good care of her little dollies so of course I had to grab my camera…

179 194

just when I thought that she couldn’t get any cuter, she decides to tuck them in & give them kisses…

197 206

of course I didn’t get a picture of her tossing them over the ledge to the couch… ha.

later that day we decided to take our first trip of the spring to lake zorinsky…

230 246 253

once she saw that water it was all over…


this is me chasing after her chasing the water…


269 265 275

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