what a great day to go to the park…

there is a little area of play structure all fenced in at the park at wheeler elementary school by our house… whoever thought of enclosing this little area is a genius & I thank them!!!


both biggs & Sophia could run, run, run without me constantly chasing after them & we all 3 loved that!!


Sophia, you went down the slide all by yourself for the first time… you loved it!!

down the slide & back up. down the slide & back up. down the slide & back up. you get the idea….


080 082

151 153 152 199 173

184 179


so far this year swinging has not been your favorite but I bet by the end of the summer you will love it again just like you did last summer…

not so much this day…

061 062 071

when we found this little seat under the slide you thought that was pretty cool…

131 205

203 211 204 209 208

Sophia, we are so blessed to have you. to watch you grow & run thru the park & learn new things every-day. you will be 2 years old next month & we are savoring every one of these sweet moments with you. I do wish that I could bottle up the little you & keep it for myself for the rest of my life but I know that is not how it works. so I take these pictures & write down these words because I know this is as close as I will come to keeping you little Sophia forever. plus, we are way too excited to see who you become to keep you this age forever!!

love you so much little girl.

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