Mikayla’s honors night…

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she worked hard all year & she saw it pay off last night. she was proud of herself, she was happy, she was excited & she was excited for her friends accomplishments & they were ALL excited that this was marking the end of their junior high years & the beginning of something new & exciting.

her band played while all of the kids walked in & shane got a little teary, which made me tear up too. mikayla knew I wouldn’t get thru it without crying!! ha.

she played for the last time last night with her junior high band & that was huge for her. she has spent so much time with all of the kids in her band, they have so much fun. on the way out I stopped one of her friends in the band & asked him to take our picture, this kid was so funny & he & mik were laughing & joking, you can tell that they have all become close over the past three years. some of them will play in high school with mikayla & some of them have decided not to, so last night was special for them all.

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I think she was a little embarrassed that I walked right up to them while they were playing for a few pictures. hey, it was my last chance… ever.

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mikayla, we are so very proud of you!!

I wanted to be able to focus on mikayla & her night so jarred stayed home with Sophia.

coming home was absolutely priceless…

when I walked in they were playing, she was laughing & soooo happy. he had given her a bath, she was all clean & she was so happy to see everyone!! she loves, loves, loves it when all 5 of us are home.

then I notice that her diaper is on backwards!!! hilarious!! the best part was that she knew it was on backwards, when I started laughing about it she grabbed her diaper & was cracking up too. so sweet.

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One Comment on “Mikayla’s honors night…

  1. CONGRATULATIONS MIKAYLA!!! We are all so proud of you and for you. You have worked hard in school and in band. Such great things ahead for you Mik. I look forward to being part of sharing in watching you grow and mature in all ways. You are a beautiful SMART young woman.

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