imaginary play…

I took Sophia to her 2 year well check-up last Monday. at the well check-ups there are always tests that she is given for development & worksheets that I fill out. she is hands down developing on time in every way except for her speech development. she is speaking maybe 10 clear words right now & they say that on average little ones her age are speaking up to 50 & putting 2 or 3 word sentences together… we are nowhere near that. it is no reason to panic just reason to help her along. this past week she has started mimicking more sounds & creating more words & it is exciting. one of the tests of speech development is her playing with her toys in imaginary play but “speaking” for her toys & dolls. she really wasn’t doing this to the degree that the doctor was explaining to me & then this past week that is her favorite form of play, they may really have these developmental stepping stones figured out.

she has been carrying her dollies & stuffed animals around with her & having them do the things that she does & she has been speaking to them & for them continually…

lots of kissing & hugging her dollies. having them talk on the phone, reading to them, giving them drinks & sharing her food with them, having them play with her other toys with her, saying hello & good bye for them & of course putting them down for naps…

I so thoroughly enjoy every minute of it…

071 086 103 114 117 134 135 140 150 153 156 160 166

talking on the phone with daddy. she was talking the entire time…

183 187 199 200 203 206 213

of course sharing her jewelry with her little friend. grammy has always put bracelets on Sophia’s ankles so now she does it all the time too, this was the first time she put them on her dolly…

016 024 028 030 034 035 043

I am completely loving this new stage.

One Comment on “imaginary play…

  1. I’m completely loving all these pictures. I have to tell you Shane looks pretty cute with that pink hat on his head. All these pictures are so precious. Love her giving dolly a drink and then herself. These pictures make me laugh. She is so funny and cute

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