first gardening day 2013…

our first real gardening day of 2013 came a little late this year, must have been that late April snow that had me waiting to plant. we got our first tomatoes & herbs & jarred planted the lilac bushes behind the deck for me. we have those same lilacs in front of our front windows, I planted those the first summer we were in this house (2006) & now they are huge & beautiful & they smell great & they give us much needed shade for the front windows since it get’s so hot right there. we planted 3 & now I think I will have to dig up all of the grass around them & turn it into another flower bed… that will be pretty. Sophia & I had a great day working outside & once jarred got home it was awesome to have him out there helping us with his friend Emily, who was also sweet enough to help!! kind of funny, jarred called me to see if Emily could come over for awhile after school & I said sure, they were going to go watch a movie but instead I had them come help me. funny, I am sure he was super happy about that!!!

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watching mommy plant…

141 144 148 150 153 158 165 166

of course she had to get in on the watering. every time she does something for the first time & is so proud & so excited I can’t help but get proud & excited for her. I will never tire of watching her become so happy & excited over things that can become mundane or even seen as tasks as you get older. note to self… never forget, it is fun to water your garden & watch it grow.

180 182 185 188 190 197 199 213 216 224 242 248 253 257 261 264 266 270 271 273 275

it is so funny to me to watch her progressively strip down throughout the day until it was just her in a diaper holding her dollie… love her.

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looking thru these pictures I am so very happy.

I have to say that I was worried I wouldn’t have days like this anytime soon. in January I stopped taking medication that I had been taking for YEARS for migraines. January thru march were tough. I struggled just to get out of bed every morning, every bone & muscle in my body ached with EVERY move I made. it was hard & it was humbling & I wondered if I would ever be myself again. I knew I had to go thru it because I knew I couldn’t keep taking the medication but going thru it was painful. just in the past few weeks I have felt like I have come out of that dark tunnel & into a new lightness & a new day & a healthier me. It feels so amazing to wake up each morning & look forward to my day instead of just counting down the minutes until I could go back to bed, which was my first thought every day for those 3 months. I got thru the worst part & I am pretty proud of myself. I am happier, I am more content & I learned a lot about myself & my family. I have always known that I am strong but I found a new respect for myself & my strength going thru that & my family… my family is amazing.

so when I have days like yesterday consecutively & I look back on these pictures I see so much more that just planting a few plants. I see a good life. I see myself living a good life with the people that I love & I am so very thankful for these days.

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