sophia & nova…

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I love all of these pictures. this last one is so sweet… Kera, Alyssa & Nova with Sophia & biggs looking on

Sophia & Nova, these two are going to be friends & family forever. they are so sweet with each-other, the only time that I think Sophia got a little jealous was when Nova was sitting in HER chair or when Mikayla gave too much attention to Nova, Sophia had to put herself in there to get the attention. they were having little conversations all day. when they were coloring & playing with stickers it was awesome to see them both give each-other colors to use & put stickers onto each-other. oh yah, & they gave lots of hugs all day…  they are adorable.

it is so crazy to me that both kera & I have two beautiful baby girls at this point in our lives. we were living half way across America from one another when our older kids were babies & now we live close enough to have play dates with our little ones…  our kids are cousins, yes,  but they are all so close & such good friends & it makes my heart happy to see the relationships that they have with one-another. kera & I have become so much closer in the past few years & I am so very thankful for that.

One Comment on “sophia & nova…

  1. These pictures bring tears to my eyes seeing how much these two little angels love each others presence. Wouldn’t be nice to understand their conversations? Two little dollies in their own little world.

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