an adventure…

we set out for a quick little photo shoot. I had passed the field just west of 192nd. & Harrison a few times & I love the huge field of little yellow flowers & I kept envisioning photos of Sophia walking thru them. we drove up there, I got Sophia out of the car & realized that from the pull off there was a huge ditch in between us & the field. we got as far away from the road as we could & I asked her to sit down in the flowers, she was fine with it until the first huge truck went zooming bye…

001 021

poor baby, she was so scared. I loaded her back up in the car & decided to go for a little drive to find a better (safe) spot. we drove almost to wahoo & we got out at an abandoned building next to a gas station. I was so super excited, I got her out of the car again walked over to the cool old building & she was happy until some crazy old man came walking out from behind the building. he said something I couldn’t understand & I just left. I probably could have stayed but it was pretty creepy so we left, again. on the way home I saw a spot, passed it, turned around at the next pull off & went back. I am so glad I went back…


this is one of my favorites. it is just so her…


we were pretty far from the road but when the trucks went whizzing bye it was still loud, this time she thought it was pretty cool…






she had a lot of fun running thru the grass & she is becoming quite the little model for mama. I asked her to sit down for me & this is how she sat, I couldn’t have made it any more perfect if I had placed her myself…



I stopped because of the fence, the sign & the tall grasses…



a little blurry but I still love it…







my FAVORITES from the day…




honestly Sophia, look at your hands & your little perfect toes & your beautiful little Sophia smile.…



mama loves you so much little girl.

One Comment on “an adventure…

  1. I just love all these pictures. Sophia is so beautiful. Your photography is wonderful.
    You have a talent with the camera. I love all these

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