our summer in a nutshell…

sandbox. sandbox. sandbox. if I would have know how much she would love this thing I would have made it just a little bit bigger, doesn’t matter to her though she plays in it every-day.

she loves to help me garden & especially water…

021 022 024 025 026 031 057 072 075

our little pool. she loves it. it isn’t huge, it isn’t fancy but it is perfect.

her sprinkler. she loves it. at first she wasn’t too sure about all of the little hoses shooting water in every direction but now she just laughs, running in & out of the sprays & she has learned how fun it is to grab the water hoses & try to get mama with them…

160 174 176 181 218 242 245 249 252 264 270 296 306 311 333 343 353 373

ice-cream cones after dinner. yep, she looks forward to this one.

we have been going outside for her to enjoy her little ice-cream cone & then help mama water the flowers while getting all of the sticky ice-cream off of her & now she likes to spray off every chair too just in case they got ice-cream on them too…

I love,love,love these pictures. the close-ups with her hair blowing, I love them.

052 068 069 075 080 083 085 097 100 101 107 108 117 120 129 143 166 185 193 199 203 221 237 241 244

2 Comments on “our summer in a nutshell…

  1. The pictures with the ice cream cone are priceless. So colorful. The sequence is perfect. I love that you let her get all gooey and stickey.

  2. Love love love all these pictures. I just could wallpaper all my Luna office space with pictures of Sophia. In fact what a great idea. You certainly have an eye with a camera.
    I love all your pictures.

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