walking & talking…

photos from a couple of our recent walks…

Alice in Wonderland.


080 089 105 110

I love these pictures. I love even more that when we walk, Sophia talks. she is definitely a late talker & I have been worried but just in the past 2 weeks I have seen her trying to say more words instead of just relying on screaming & pointing… a big sigh of relief from me.

my favorite pic from this walk. I see contemplation, big dreams, imagination & possibilities…


132 147 158 219 231 234 240 260 264 275 286

there she goes…


when we go to lake zorinsky for our walks we always have to stop by this dock that she loves so much & this time we saw ducks so she was pretty darn excited…

310 319 324 327 336 341 351 355 356 363 375

I have figured out how to take walks where both of us get exercise… I walk with her for about a half mile then pick her up & carry her for the next half mile, this way she can run & play & get exercise instead of just sitting in her stroller but then I still get a bit more of a “workout” from our walks. “fast-ish” walking while carrying her really is quite the work-out!!

there is another trail we have been to not too far from our house that is beautiful & it doesn’t feel too secluded. the only thing about this trail is that it is full of bikers & walking with a 2 year old is not a “single file” kind of walk. she is scared of the bikes that go blazing past so yesterday was all about learning bike etiquette. they would yell “to the left” & Sophia would grab my hand & we would step off the trail & wait for them to pass…

049 054 093 101 105 113 117 120

122 146 179 189 207 216 230 245 256 277

by the end of this walk she protested, she was done & she just sat down…


I carried her for awhile, worked up a sweat & then she was ready to get back at it…

280 284 320 332 339 343 354 355 365 378

that field of yellow flowers (wild yarrow??) is absolutely gorgeous…

380 385 389 391 397 399 402 409

Sophia, I love walking & talking with you sweet girl. I love that our days are spent together & that I get to see you discover this world around you.

One Comment on “walking & talking…

  1. I love those pictures Gina and Sophia. great memories you are building. Love Dad

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