you at two…

today was a good day.

it is 7 pm & I am exhausted. we went to the park, walked 3 miles around said park, went & played on hay bales, played out back & now Sophia is watching curious George while I sit (finally) & look through all of our pictures from the day. I am so sore. I know it is a good sore because I am trying to lose 30-40 pounds but still, sore. days like this where it is only Sophia & I all day & all night, right about 6 pm every time I am just done. physically, mentally, emotionally done. I am sitting here just praying that this quiet time will last 30 more minutes & then Sophia & I can go shower & crawl into bed. I love you my sweet Sophia, so when you read this 16 years from now please don’t think I am complaining, just whining a bit & there is a difference. you at two is tiring Sophia. I love that you are so engaged & I would never want it any other way but seriously girl, what’s a mama got to do around here to get a little break???

of course I chose today to start potty training a bit, every time we were at home you had on your big girl undies & oh my gosh did you think you were hot stuff!! it went ok. one time we got you to the potty in time, nice job Sophia!!! I just put a diaper back on you because after cleaning up my third “oops” of the day I was done. we will try again tomorrow sweet girl.

007 020

you found your way to the “twirly” thing at the park for the first time & you loved it!! It was pretty cool to watch you make some friends there today too, you were very sweet & you took your turn, nice job!!

040 042 044 056 059 043 067 072 078

this little boy did so good twirling you round & round, he kept asking you if you wanted to go faster but he is just a little guy so he didn’t realize that no matter the question lately you just answer “yyaaahhh” in your sweet little voice. kind of funny though he kept asking, you kept saying “yyaaahhhh” & I had to slow you down every time not because you were scared but because I was scared…

107 105 110 113 116 121 129 134 136 140 192 181 179 177 157 144 195 201 205 102

023 033 091 098 085 034

later in the afternoon we were running some errands & didn’t have to pick up your sister from school for another 45 minutes so we detoured to these hay bales I have been eyeing for pictures for awhile… you will learn Sophia, well you probably have already learned, that at any given moment with no advance notice we could be doing a full blown photo shoot… just ask your sister, she knows.

love love love these. I love that it looks like we are out in the middle of nowhere (except for a few with houses in the background that I need to crop out) but actually we are just off of a busy road…

280 216 217 222 289

here’s to another good day tomorrow Sophia…

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