“i love you”

Sophia you are really starting to form more words & put words together.

this morning you said ” I love you” to daddy when he was leaving. oh my gosh, melt my heart child. during the day recently you have started saying “daddy work”. so sweet, even at 2 years old you know he works hard for his entire family.

I am so happy to see you turning this corner Sophia & I am excited to see what you say next.

just because I cant post in your blog without a few pictures, these are from a few nights ago. the sunflowers are blooming like crazy out in the back yard & I keep trying to get your picture in front of them but you wont stand still. I decided to tell you there was a butterfly in the flowers so I could snap a few pics of you in front of them, that is why your hands are held out in a few of these photos, you are saying “where is it”? ¬†desperate situations take desperate measures sometimes…

445 463 466 477 496 510 514 517 536 540

of course you were very excited when you saw your sister coming outside. who needs words with reactions of love like this??


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