just a few things…

just a couple things I need to write down or I will forget them…

when you think something is super funny & I mean hilarious, you slap your hand of whatever is near you while you are laughing. just like your mama, just like your uncle rock & just like your grandpa gomez. I guess I got it from my dad & brother & now you got it from me. it cracks me up & then before you know it we are both sitting there cackling & slamming down our hands… we are quite a pair.

everytime we go somewhere you yell “HYYYY VEEEEEEE”!!!! at the top of your lungs. when you were just a tiny tiny baby I started taking you to Hy-Vee if you were cranky because it always calmed you down so now everyone that works there says “hi Sophia” whenever we are there, you really enjoy that.

you have started wanting to pick out your own clothes for the day & that usually means a fancy dress or hot pink pants & a red shirt. today I let you wear your pretty little flowery party dress that you have been wanting to wear for awhile & you wore it all day which means I got some awesome pics of you playing at the park today in your fancy little party dress… so adorable!!

you used to always want to be barefoot & now you always want to wear pretty shoes & you especially love to change your shoes out about hourly!!

you are beginning to talk more words every day. I am sitting at the table right now & you are outside with your dad for a few minutes before bed, you just peeked your head in the back door and said “oh-moo oh-moo” (moon). uhm, melt my heart little girl.

the most important one… take you to the park in a party dress more often because it is adorable…

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