keep going…

I wanted to have these little videos somewhere else besides IG, just in case something happens to my account.

these videos are short & compressed & quick & that is why I love them.

life goes by so fast. everyday just keeps happening & sometimes it feels like I don’t really do much besides be a mom. some days it feels like I need to do more in order to be considered successful, by others & by myself. but then when I look back at these videos & I see all of the everyday, unmonumental, seemingly insignificant moments all together & moving so fast I realize that they are the significant parts of life. they are life. they are our memories & our days & my kids’ childhood & our days as parents all rolled into one. it is our family & no matter how small our lives may seem they are huge & all of those little moments add up to our whole.

I know I am sentimental & emotional & I am ok with that. I want my kids to see that every moment matters & by capturing all of these little moments for them & for me, they know that everything matters.

I know that since we lost my brother, my parent’s son, I have become even more emotional & even more sentimental & I am ok with that. the tears come faster, memories & creating new memories means more to me now than ever.

I cry when I watch these videos. they make me happy, they make me proud & they make me think of my brother, even if he isn’t in them. lately, everything makes me think of my brother. I want to be more present than ever. I want my loved ones to know just how much I love them, how deep it goes.



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