I think it has finally hit me that Jarred is a senior in high school…

005 014 033

he is so handsome.

my dreams have always been so big for jarred & I know that he really can do anything that he decides to do but when I look at him now, I just want him to be happy. I want his future to brings him happiness & contentment & i just want him to be happy with himself & proud of who he is. maybe that comes with time. you bring this person into the world & your dreams for them are huge & then you get older & your child grows into their own person & your dreams for them are just as big as ever but they begin & end with your childs’ happiness. that is what matters to me, for him. I hope your heart & soul is full jarred.

063 069 072 081 086

098 109

142 143 147 150 158 160

164 343

of course while we were out I had to get some pictures of my three loves together…

177 182 194 218 219 225 226 234 237 272 297 305 309 314 321 327 334 366 382

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