our adventures…

sometimes when I look back at pictures I have taken I fall in love with them all over again.

088 090 117 095 133 175 106 138 179 181 195

we went driving this day looking for a pretty spot to play & take some pics. & we ended up at two rivers state park, it was beautiful & a little chilly this day & there was no one else there.

I just want to capture her innocence, her playfulness & sometimes when I lay on the ground behind her watching her & shooting pics I actually feel like I am seeing what she is seeing with pure simplicity & pure love, just like she does. like everything that she sees & just running around in the trees & into the water is the greatest thing that we could have ever done that day. it is so simple…

080 002 028 040 044 061 075 138 251 079 216 357 337 052 242 020

the next day we took a trip to the Elkhorn park & spent a few hours just playing…

020 026 035 061 066 087 093 122

she had been scared of the swings for the past year & this day she was all about it. I must have pushed her in this swing for an hour & she looooved it…

146 147 149 160 183 188 209 217 224 137 228 296 282

just when I started to think that my little girl was getting so big she stood next to this beautiful tree. she looks so tiny & new next to this awesome tree…


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