a gift from my heart…


when I started making this video I originally had planned to make a different one for each family but then as I started putting it together I realized that we are all truly connected & that we are all one big crazy, imperfect, loud & beautiful family, so I made only one. as I started picking the photos for this video it became so much more to me than just a “year in review” video. it became my way to show my family what is important to me & what makes my heart full & how much I appreciate them. sometimes as the days pass, then the weeks & months I feel like I am not really doing anything important with my day to day life or that maybe I am not living this life to the fullest & then when I see all of these pictures together of our every day lives I realize that my life is full & our life as a family is full.

the hardest part of creating this video was getting to the end & having no pictures of Tony anywhere in it. we miss him everyday & he would have loved this.

I wanted to create something to celebrate our lives now…


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