it is true, life is hard.

but some days just seem to make sense of it all. yesterday was that day for me.

coffee in the morning with my mom & Arthur, working on my 2013 project life book which is therapeutic & fun for me, out feeding the ducks with mikayla & Sophia, going to the skate park with jarred & Sophia, coming home after a long day & making a good dinner for my family & friends that jarred & mikayla had over. some days just make sense.

I chose purpose for my ‘one little word’ for 2014. I struggled with what word to choose & I went back & forth on whether or not purpose was the word for me, the last thing I need is to choose a word that makes me over think more than I already do. but yesterday made it so clear to me that purpose is the right choice for me. I enjoy finding my purpose in all of these moments. I enjoy realizing that just because I find purpose in raising my kids, that does not mean that that has to be my only purpose. I enjoy growing thru my mistakes & growing thru the heart ache that is just a part of life.


let me re-phrase what I wrote above. I think enjoy is too strong of a word for growing through loss & heartache. there are mistakes & ache & growth every day but then their are the monumental losses & heartache & also joy that we go thru in life too. these are the ones that define your life as a before & after. I have 4… 3 death & one meeting my husband. 3 painful & life changing & one a blessing, a true life changer for me in the most amazing way. so to say that I enjoy the pain is wrong, I grow from it & with it & it is never something that goes away. it shapes who you are from that moment on. it shapes how you look at the world & the people in it. it shapes what your priorities are, what your purpose is & how you define your place in the world.

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