baking with grammy mary…

Sophia & I went to my mom’s to bake cookies last week. my mom makes these beautiful & tasty heart cut out cookies every year for valentines day & we all love them!!! I have wanted to put these pictures from that day here on the blog all week but today I finally had the motivation to do it when Sophia kept asking to go to grammy’s house. actually what Sophia has been saying is “go see mummy” well, I finally asked her “do you mean go see grammy?” she was so excited I finally got it, she screamed “yyyeeeesssss”. the cutest…

052 031 045 072 075 077 082 084 085 093 097 099 103 112 148 150 152 156 162 167 032

such a fun day. I love that Sophia was so into watching & learning & she LOVED that little rolling pin that her grammy got for her, when we got home that afternoon Sophia napped with her little rolling pin. it is so special to me to see their bond.

love you girls to the moon and back.

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