time together…

walking around the lake with my little girl & her balloons & her awesome outfit on that she picked out herself, it felt so good. her laughing & talking & running & me snapping away on my camera.

i have always loved photography but in this moment i realized what it has given me with all of my kids & right now especially with Sophia, it gives us time together.

we can go out for a walk, out driving around scouting for good spots for photos, to the park, to the lake, to a cornfield, a downtown alley, to a pretty field off the side of the road, wherever we go it really doesn’t matter because we are connecting.

i am thankful for this time…

047 051 054

055 056 057 058 062

067 092 093 100 111 117 129 159 160 161 164

193 159

I read something on one of my favorite photographer’s blog a few months ago & it has really stuck with me. her name is Tara Whitney & she is amazing. she said that some of her favorite shots, especially from family shoots are the “in between shots” the moments as you are setting up your next shot, those are the moments to capture. the moments where you may get some beautiful blur or maybe the “wrong” thing in the photo is in focus & your subjects are not. she said that those are the moments where you can tell the whole story. whether it is your own children, a family shoot, a table full of junk, whatever it is you are photographing it for a reason & sometimes that reason isn’t always in focus, it isn’t always cropped to perfection, the light may be leaking harsh to one side, whatever it is it will help to tell the true & whole story.

we all know that the whole story to any story is never “perfection”

I have been reading a lot about the manipulation of my camera. I have been learning more & more about my settings, light, placement, blur, fstop, shutter speed, all of it & I love walking into a situation, looking at the light or lack of it, looking at the movement & getting pretty close to where I need to be with the settings on my camera. of course, then I tweak those settings as we go to experiment & to learn.

i have always known that i love photography but in the last year that passion has been reignited immensely. i love the beautiful shot but i think that i love the shot that tells a bigger story even more.

playing with light & blur…

192 230 232 234 239 273 551 549 556 550

one of my favorite shots from the day. to me it tells the bigger story of her childhood & her joy & what makes her happy. movement & playing & sunshine & balloons, those things make this little girl happy…


Sophia playing with her light & shadows…

557 558 559 560

a lot of these pictures may look the same at first but they are completely different. the focus & light & reflection & movement & depth of field are different between each shot & so each one has its own story to tell. i love to see the difference between the ones where i let more light into the camera & the balloons are brighter with more reflection & the sky is a lighter blue & then the ones where not as much light was let in, the sky becomes darker & pulls your eyes up.

305 311 316 318 327 328 331 351 363 366 367 369

436 440 492 543 576 572 570 560

seriously, she loved this part & it is my favorite too. she loved walking into those tall weeds towards the water, she does it every time we go & she laughs the whole time every time…

580 584 585 586 588 589 598 603 610 612 616 620 621 624 628 632 633

serene & peaceful & lovely & quiet.

not words i can use to describe this sweet girl in most instances (ha) but in these moments these are the best words i can find…

599 598

and then i took ahold of her balloons so she didn’t lose them walking out of the weeds.

not as serene or peaceful or lovely or quiet (ha) but this is what makes her my little girl.

288 298

we recovered nicely & finished our walk around the lake & i would call this a huge success.

i love you to the moon & back sweet girl.

thank you for being my muse.

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