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recent favorite photos & moments…

sunday April 6th.

I got the kids up & out to get photos at an old abandoned barn Sophia & I had found the day before. it was pretty funny because we were there by 10:30 & there was already a photographer with a family there. I guess old barns that aren’t labeled “no trespassing” are a big deal!! ha, that is why I stopped because usually they are marked or fenced off.

instead of disturbing them we decided (I decided) to drive some dirt roads & explore.

favorites… my kids think I am nuts & I am ok with that. I love that Sophia carried her pink sparkly purse while hiking. we laugh a lot when we are out searching for good photo spots. they humor me & I love them for that. jarred & Sophia having a sword fight with sticks all the while Sophia had that pink purse. Mikayla sitting in that chair in the middle of the field for me.

IMG_1997-1 IMG_1386-1 IMG_1796-1 IMG_1845 IMG_1853-1 IMG_1863-2 IMG_1916-1 IMG_1879-1 IMG_1876-1 IMG_1354-1 IMG_1512-1 IMG_1531-1 IMG_1761-1


if they were a band, this would be their album cover…


we will definitely be going back to this spot for more photos. of course I have more shots that I love from our adventure but these are my favorites.


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