suddenly it is april again. time for birthdays in our family to begin & this year we also have jarred’s senior prom & his high school graduation. my jarred will be 18, I don’t even know where to begin. he has grown & matured so much in the past 2 years. it feels to me like he just had to grow into himself. he just had to be given the chance to understand that all of the things that made him doubt himself thru his life are actually the things that are going to make him successful. it is funny how that works out. he questions himself, his life, his purpose a lot & I respect him for that but I also wish he would not be so hard on himself. jarred, you are meant to live a long full & happy life.

senior prom 2014. yes, I cried. oh my gosh I am emotional & sentimental, I always have been but as I get older & I as I watch my kids grow I see it happening more & more. IMG_3124-1 IMG_3210 IMG_3141 IMG_3043-1 IMG_3208 IMG_3205 IMG_3218

IMG_3234 IMG_2975-1 IMG_3066-1 IMG_3099-1 IMG_3046-1 IMG_3089-1

Mikayla will be 15 in one week. whaaaaa?

Mikayla you are smart, you are sensitive, you are driven. I know that 15 can be a confusing time. I know it can be hard to find your niche’ but Mikayla you have your family behind you. you have great friends that I am so thankful for. you have a full life of greatness ahead of you & we are right behind you the whole way…

IMG_7733-1 IMG_7965-1 IMG_1530-1 IMG_2022-1     collage girls IMG_1498-1   IMG_2381-1 IMG_2451-1

Sophia, you will be three. my sweet, sweet baby girl will be three. you are pure sunshine. you are hilarious, you are a one of a kind. you are go go go go go go go go go all the time & I wouldn’t want it any other way.

you love picking out your own outfits & oh man you come up with some great ones… IMG_2456-1 IMG_8457-1 sometimes I feel like I actually capture your sweetness, your purity, your sense of wonder in an image & those are the photos of you that I can never seem to get enough of. you are discovering your world & when I see that I am discovering right along with you baby girl, I am so thankful for that… IMG_3253-1 IMG_3342-2 IMG_3250-1

IMG_9954-1 IMG_9941-1 IMG_9932-1 IMG_9899-1 IMG_9860-1 IMG_9886-1 IMG_9897-1 IMG_9805-1 IMG_9818-1 IMG_0581-1


you love to get your nails painted. usually Mikayla does it but sometimes you get lucky & either grammy mary or daddy will paint your nails & you love that!! IMG_2477-1 IMG_2472-1 IMG_0744-1 IMG_0741-1 IMG_0728-1 IMG_0782-1 we go on our photo expeditions pretty much daily. when I tell you we are getting ready to leave the house you say “walk…cheese” which in translation means you are ready to go walk & take pictures. love love love you little girl. IMG_1215-2 IMG_1281-1   IMG_7767-1 IMG_1527-1 IMG_1367-1 IMG_8177-1 IMG_1457-1 you are wearing your big girl panties & doing so great. you wear your pull ups to bed or if I know we are going to be away from the house for a few hours but even then you still use the potty. big girl!! also, you love your socks & even more you love your sister’s socks!!! IMG_8120-1 you, little girl, are into everything. this was a little gem you created for me right before bed one sunday evening while daddy was at golf league & you decided it was time to cover the floor in baking soda… IMG_8001-1 you have always loved helping me in the kitchen & that remains the same. you are such a great cupcake maker!! IMG_0868-1 IMG_0921-1 IMG_0946-1 IMG_0956-1 IMG_1133-1 IMG_1024-1 IMG_1013-1 IMG_1107-1 IMG_1044-1 I am pretty sure that your favorite part of making cupcakes was delivering a few to daddy… IMG_1162-1 keep walking guys. keep dreaming. keep thriving. keep growing. keep loving. keep searching. just keep being you… all three of you, please never question that you are loved, please know we are with you every step of the way & please always lean on each other… IMG_1462-1

IMG_7498-1 IMG_7852-1 IMG_7806-1 IMG_7938-1 IMG_7823-1

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