easter 2014…

Happy Easter!!

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yep, it’s no secret that Easter is my favorite.

resurrection, new life, the promise of a new day, the promise of spring. all of it. I love it.

but mostly I love it for the memories that I have & now the memories that we are creating with our own family.

a week before Easter meme & papa invited us to an egg hunt & I am so happy we went. so stinkin cute watching all those kids pick up all those eggs & candy. I was just worried that Sophia would be pushy with the other kids trying to get to that candy but she was her sweet little self. when she thought she had enough she said “all done” & ran over to papa to show him her basket full of goodies & then she ran back out for more. ha.

IMG_2819-1 IMG_2749-1 IMG_2767-1 IMG_2830-1 IMG_2876-1 IMG_2904-1 IMG_2845-1

easter morning…

just her & I up EARLY & she was so excited to see what the easter bunny had left her. I love that she is grasping & loving our family traditions.

IMG_4053-1 IMG_4054-1 IMG_4039-1 IMG_4060-1 IMG_4063-1

Once she realized that chocolate for breakfast was fair game on Easter, she was a fan…


unfortunately Jarred had to work all day on Easter Sunday but I am proud of him for being responsible. we have always hid the eggs that we dye on Easter eve around the house for the kids to find on Easter morning & I think that Jarred’s egg hunting mornings may be over, 16 years was a pretty good run though!!!

IMG_4073-1 IMG_4074-1 IMG_4097-1 IMG_4104-1 IMG_4100-1 IMG_4117-1 IMG_4156-1 IMG_4151-1

I love that Sophia got her “i’m proud of myself” face everytime she found an egg…


im so happy we made it to church for easter. we haven’t been going & I have missed it.

after church we stopped by mom & art’s to bring them their easter baskets & say hi. it was short but sweet. ha, we were there for about 15 minutes but that’s ok, Sophia was ready for her nap & getting a little cranky & I don’t think her self induced “chocolate coma” was helping her any!!


It was pretty hilarious, jazzy ate her entire egg, shell & all.

IMG_4191-1 IMG_4188 IMG_4189 IMG_4176

apparently Sophia needed a little more chocolate for the road. ha. look at her, she is making sure that I am watching her stuff that chocolate in her face. pretty cute.

IMG_4204 IMG_4203

mom’s house is always so pretty.


after her nap she woke up ready to play easter bunny again. she reached for jarred’s basket a few times & I told her it was for jarred, he was at work & we needed to save him his basket. she said “ooooookkkkkkkk” in her sweet little voice. good girl.

but the other 3 baskets were fair game. ha.

IMG_4271-1 IMG_4274-1 IMG_4287-1 IMG_4277-1 IMG_4281-1 IMG_4245-1 IMG_4275-1 IMG_4294-1

we ended our day celebrating easter & mikayla’s birthday at meme & papa’s. let ice cream cake season begin!!

she get’s so uncomftorable when people sing her happy birthday. enjoy it girlie, it is your day. you are 15 this year, let us sing to you…

IMG_4349-1 IMG_4350-1 IMG_4356-1 IMG_4362-1 IMG_4373-1 IMG_4383-1

happy Easter.







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