she is 15…

happy birthday Mikayla…


15 will be special, it will be fantastic & fun.

enjoy it…


Monday night, april 21. sophia kept coming out of mikayla’s room saying “ayla presents” & we finally figured out that Mikayla had been telling her to come ask us if Mikayla could open a present. tricky mik!! ha. so we said yes. I gave her a box that I thought was her ipod, she opened up a wireless speaker that goes with the I-pod, oops. so she got to open another one, the ipod & oh my gosh she was excited.

IMG_4497-1 IMG_4520-1 IMG_4521-1 IMG_4557-1 IMG_4527-1 IMG_4485-1

then I re-wrapped up the speaker for her to open again.

Tuesday April 22. sophia & I made cupcakes for her sister that morning & Mikayla got her favorite dinner, chicken roll-ups…

birthdays are so special in this house, just as they should be.

celebrate your life kids, we do!!


these pictures of us singing happy birthday to Mikayla & her blowing out her candles actually make me cry when I look at them. sophia is so happy to sing to her sister, and she was singing so good.

the look on mikayla’s face… take it all in girl. make your wishes, dream, believe.

I pray all your wishes come true.

IMG_4831-1 IMG_4830-1 IMG_4828-1 IMG_4827-1 IMG_4825-1 IMG_4824-1 IMG_4834-1 IMG_4844-1 IMG_4845-1 IMG_4846-1 IMG_4847-1 IMG_4849-1 IMG_4851-1 IMG_4852-1

seriously, I am not sure who is more excited about opening presents, sophia or Mikayla…

IMG_4785-1 IMG_4789-1 IMG_4790-1 IMG_4773-1 IMG_4810-1 IMG_4811-1

Friday April, 25 mikayla’s party with her friends. again, I’m not sure who was more excited sophia or Mikayla. sophia had fun helping me get set up all day…

IMG_5035-1 IMG_5049-1

when I told her that the girls would be coming soon, she wouldn’t leave the door…

IMG_5094-1 IMG_5097-1 IMG_5063-1

I have said this before & I will say it again… if parent’s could choose their kids’ friends, I would choose these girls…

IMG_5140-1 IMG_5141-1 IMG_5157-1 IMG_5169-1 IMG_5182-1 IMG_5197-1 IMG_5198-1 IMG_5199-1 IMG_5200-1 IMG_5202-1 IMG_5224-1 IMG_5228-1 IMG_5232-1 IMG_5277-1 IMG_5279-1 IMG_5284-1 IMG_5307-1 IMG_5262-1 IMG_5308-1 IMG_5292-1 IMG_5314-1

and of course, more singing, more cake, more birthday wishes & more gifts…

IMG_5320-1 IMG_5323-1 IMG_5321-1 IMG_5328-1

IMG_5318-1 IMG_5319-1


the girls played a riveting game of “big booty”… ha. don’t ask me why it is called that, they clap & chase each other & from what I can tell it has nothing to do with big booties. (I am cracking up right now)

they were outside until about midnight & they all came in & took over the living room. it was a fun party & I am pretty sure the girl that had the most fun was little sophia.

thank you Mikayla for being such a great big sister, for your patience & for letting your little sister crash your 15th. birthday party.

IMG_5404-1 IMG_5513-1 IMG_5439-1

happy birthday Mikayla. we love you so very much.


after publishing this & looking at it, maybe pants on Sophia would have been a great thing for singing to Mikayla on her birthday but this is just so us. she loves her princesses & she loves her princess undies even more!! ha.





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