almost 3…

in 13 hours you will be 3 baby girl… IMG_7206-1 IMG_7210-1 IMG_7255-1

IMG_6939 IMG_6934

my baby turns 3. Sophia, I feel so blessed to be your mama. you are smart & vibrant & healthy & absolutely beautiful. you test me, you are stubborn just like me, you are inquisitive, you are go go go go go all the time. I wish I could wrap you up in your childhood & keep you in it forever, I wish I could keep you all to myself for ever & ever. but then I would rob the world of your greatness, I would rob you of your sweet & huge future. I have learned so much from you Sophia. I can only hope that in your 3 short years you have learned as much from me as I have from you. maybe it is because I am older, maybe it is because jarred is graduating high school & I remember feeling & writing the same things about him when he was turning 3, I don’t know, all I know is that every moment matters. I don’t want to miss a thing, I don’t want to forget a thing. I know that right now your sweet smell, your sweet little voice, the way you quietly rub my face in the mornings, all of it. I don’t want to ever forget this feeling in my heart. we have a lifetime ahead of us sweet girl & it won’t be sweet every day but in those times where it is hard, these are the things i will always think of. IMG_8278-1 IMG_8271-1 IMG_8242-1 IMG_8257-1 IMG_8266-1 IMG_8272-1

IMG_7245 IMG_6926 IMG_7211 IMG_7285-1 IMG_7215

every day we laugh, every day i get frustrated, every day you get frustrated & every day we say good night & sweet dreams & every morning we wake & say good morning… every day Sophia i am your mama, every day for a lifetime to come i will be behind you, i will love you so much that it hurts, i will be pulling for you, i will be watching you grow into the person that you will become & every day i will be humbled & proud that you are my daughter.

Sophia, every day i love you. fierce.


IMG_8235-1 IMG_8227-1



IMG_6939 IMG_6923


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