I have about a million birthday pictures to share but today was so good, I need to write it down.

nothing special happened. it was just a normal Wednesday, just me & you morning to night. maybe what made it special is just my reactions to things today. we did good. you did amazing. we both smiled & laughed & cleaned & watched birds & bunnies out your window. life can really be so simple if we let it. thank you for slowing me down Sophia.

yesterday we went to the doctor for your 3 year check up & you are healthy little girl, so healthy & happy. Dr. Sprague asked me not to help you or “translate” your answers for him & he asked you a few questions about your birthday…

Dr… how old are you?

S… fweeee

Dr…. did you have a party for your birthday?

S… yaaahhhhh

Dr…. who was there?

S…. mommy, wawwed, daddy, ayla, gwammy, artr & ia  (yes, my heart melted)

Dr…. what did you do at your party?

S…. hawwwy irthday you, hawwy irthday you, ia.  (yes, she sang the whole birthday song just like this)

how amazing it is to sit back & watch your 3 year old have a conversation with another adult with no help from you.  such a little thing & really so so huge in the big picture. you did amazing little girl.

we are going to get your hearing tested & have a speech therapist come to the house in a few weeks. I know your hearing is amazing, you have super sonic hearing like your mama (ha.) but because you are behind in your speech development he says he always likes to test hearing to go along with the speech therapist. we are not worried, Dr. Sprague could tell I was a little worried & he said that you have all of the function, all of the concepts, all of the capability & it will come. if anything the speech therapist is for me, they will be able to give me the tools & help I need to help you…  & I am hoping maybe they can cure mommy’s tarettes while they are at it!!! ha.

today we took the changing table out of your room, that was a big step. without it your room looks & feels like a room for a beautiful little toddler girl, not a beautiful little newborn girl. bittersweet.

we replaced it with a little reading, comfy zone for you & you love it!! we had about 20 tea parties in your room today & oh my gosh, my heart is full. I hung these paper lanterns & wanted them to be a lamp. I strung white Christmas lights thru them all, which took about 45 minutes to get them just right, attached them all together & hung them from the ceiling, THEN i plugged it all in to enjoy my handy work.

note to self: always plug the lights in first to make sure they work!!

so i took it all apart, took the lights out & another 30 minutes later they were hanging again, without lights. they are still pretty & we will string them with lights that work soon. i know you are going to love them all lit up.


IMG_0388 IMG_0421 IMG_0405 IMG_0392

IMG_0345 IMG_0358 IMG_0361

sweet dreams sweet girl. we will play more tomorrow & tomorrow you can help me start putting together a few things for your brother’s high school graduation party.


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