my girls…

my girls…

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IMG_4261 IMG_4283 IMG_4249 IMG_4267

IMG_5299 IMG_5253

last week we decided to go for a little drive to see the wind turbines in Iowa & get some good photos. It was such a beautiful day with the most perfect blue sky & white fluffy clouds. a little bit into our drive I asked Mikayla to get out the camera to get a few pics of the beautiful fields with the clouds casting the best shadows over them. the camera wouldn’t work, I had forgotten my camera battery on the charger!! oh man I was disappointed. we turned around & went back home, I got my camera battery & we decided to drive to Lincoln instead. we drove & talked & laughed. we basically drove to Lincoln, got ice cream & turned back around to go home. we found a beautiful spot to pull off on our way back & I am in love with the photos that we got. I love days like this. so much fun…

IMG_4573 IMG_4542 IMG_4552-1 IMG_4825 IMG_4530 IMG_4536 IMG_4610 IMG_4586 IMG_4843 IMG_4852 IMG_4691-1 IMG_4720-1 IMG_4681-1 IMG_4703-1 IMG_4735-1 IMG_4779 IMG_4794 IMG_4817 IMG_4595 IMG_4838 IMG_4862

One Comment on “my girls…

  1. oh my gosh, im so happy to have my computer back so I can read all your thoughts and musings and look at all these amazing photos and memories. how fun to catalog all the daily happenings that become the life moments we treasure and are grateful for. our lives are blessed. a privilege to be part of it.

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