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I went to the skate park to get some shots of jarred & I cant believe how much he loves to skate, how happy it makes him & how good he has gotten. I took my old duaflex twin lens camera that I love, love & made a little froot loop cereal box contraption for it… the contraption is so that I can shoot photos thru this old camera, get that old camera look that I love but with the ease of digital. love it. Sophia has fun looking thru this old camera too & I love that…


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she saw a picture of Mikayla when she was about 9 with her friend jalyn & they both had on goggles at the pool so of course Sophia asked for days for goggles… non stop!! ha. grammy surprised her with a pair last weekend & she love love loves them…



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I do a photo a day challenge on instagram. every day is a different word & I love how it challenges me to get my camera out every day, even days we aren’t doing anything exciting & I just shoot. I love that I have been doing it for a little over a year now & now we have an awesome, real documentation of our lives as we live them, day to day. love it.

the word last sunday was street, these are my shots.

IMG_7909-1 IMG_7960-1

when I feel like I am not inspired to be creative or just not inspired at all I like to get out the ink & brushes & play. it usually helps.

IMG_6140-1 IMG_6973-1

Sophia & her daddy. yes, father’s day is hard. this man in my life makes me smile when all I want to do is curl up & cry. he keeps me moving & reminds me that we are still alive, we are living these lives with each other & with these beautiful kids & he lets me cry & he lets me grieve & he also picks me up & reminds me that we are blessed…

and he makes me laugh so hard it hurts & I love that…

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we have had fun sunny days in our own little water park. ha. it is perfect. for us. and I love that.

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one of my favorite summer happenings is junkstock, love it. Mikayla her friend juma (Brianna), Sophia & I had a blast. I have been wanting an old school pull down map for the house & you wouldn’t believe how much people charge for these old things. the first one I saw was $90.00, I kept looking & found this one for $30 & I love it!! & of course I had to get this old gas station sign ‘5’…

IMG_6017-1 IMG_6068-1

I took a drive on father’s day. I needed it & then I came home & we had a great evening.

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book store trips are always fun with a toddler!!! ha.

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we visit grammy mary & Arthur’s house. jarred helped them paint the basement & the older girls spent the night. Sophia was absolutely crushed that she couldn’t go with Mikayla to have a sleep over at grammy’s. maybe next year little girl…

IMG_6628-1 IMG_6608-1

summer is for late night bowls of popcorn. (late night for her & I is about 9:00)


IMG_8431-1 IMG_8437-1

by the pool, the “Mcclure country club” every day…

IMG_6892-1 IMG_6902-1 IMG_6917-1 IMG_6958-2 IMG_6905-1

we have also had many rainy days this summer so far & anyone that knows me knows that rainy days are my absolute favorite. it reminds me of living on the ocean…

IMG_7385-1 IMG_7257-1 IMG_7188-1 IMG_7251-1 IMG_7303-1 IMG_7252-1 IMG_7389-1 IMG_7630-1

I think I scored some major mom points this rainy day, she got to bring her scooter inside & man she thought that was the coolest thing ever!!

IMG_7629-1 IMG_7628-1 IMG_7676-1

we got to go see rocky playing at village point. I love love love seeing my brother play, everytime it brings me back to my childhood & going to see my dad & my brothers play. I love it.

IMG_7721-1 IMG_7742-1

I probably take more photos in one week than most people take in a year, ha. june was full of happy days, laughter, sunshine, rain, celebrating & some sad moments & frustrating days. but, that is life. the good the hard the sad the happy the beautiful & the ugly all rolled into one life.

bring on july.

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