holy family shrine…

last Monday, the day before Mikayla started school we took a little trip to the holy family shrine. we pass by it on our way to see the horses & every time we pass it we say we should stop. this day we did. it is beautiful & peaceful…

IMG_7952-1 IMG_7973-1 IMG_7982-1 IMG_8166-1 IMG_8376-1 IMG_8230-1 IMG_8191-1 IMG_8188-1 IMG_8020-1 IMG_8431-1 IMG_8424-1 IMG_8404-1 IMG_8380-1 IMG_8381-1 IMG_8142-1 IMG_8111-1 IMG_8098-1 IMG_8095-1 IMG_8075-1 IMG_8026-1 IMG_8042-1 IMG_7899-1 IMG_7910-1 IMG_7895-1 IMG_8385-1 IMG_8405-1 IMG_8458-1 IMG_8455-1 IMG_8039-1 IMG_8345-1 IMG_8346-1

on our way home we stopped at a park on hwy 6 just outside of Gretna. of course I had to try & get some shots of the girls in the corn, I have been wanting to do that all summer. they weren’t what I wanted but they are still cute!!

IMG_8622-1 IMG_8505-1 IMG_8538-1 IMG_8559-1 IMG_8567-1 IMG_8613-1 IMG_8615-1 IMG_8616-1 IMG_8340-1

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