i built a home…

I am realizing that we go thru many seasons in life. when I look back on my childhood & my teen years & my travelling years & my first years as a mother, I remember thru each of them thinking that I would never forget certain things. I guess when we are living it we feel like, how on earth could we ever forget such a great day or such a great moment. truth is, they are fleeting. we grow & change every day & all of the things that make us who we are all lead up to this day but where does the time go? where do all those moments go? where do all the great moments & memories go? my hope is to leave something behind for my kids to hold onto. something that they can look back on & smile.

song, I built a home by the cinematic orchestra

I heard this song not too long ago & fell in love with it. when mik & I were watching the video she knew the song from her band class. I love that!!

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