park day & the pink chair diaries…

Monday was a good day to be 3.

in the morning Sophia & I lugged this chair to this field across Harrisson St. I am in love with this field, the trees let in just the right amount of sun & sun flare & I think I am going to start taking this pink chair with us wherever we go. I will call it “little girl in her pink chair” series. I want to put her in this chair everywhere… how awesome would that be!!!

in the evening, after we dropped Mikayla off at band practice Shane & I took Sophia & biggs to the park & they were both pretty happy about that. ha.

Sophia loved that I went down the slide with her & on the way home she said “im happy, you happy daddy” oh my heart about burst. then she asked biggs & I too. yes Sophia, I am happy sweet girl.

IMG_0836-1 IMG_0880-1 IMG_1013-1 IMG_1199-1 IMG_1043-1 IMG_1035-1 IMG_0991-1 IMG_0977-1 IMG_1133-1 IMG_1108-1 IMG_1099-1 IMG_1065-1 IMG_1049-1 IMG_1046-1 IMG_0877-1 IMG_0964-1 IMG_0965-1 IMG_1152-1 IMG_0961-1 IMG_1202-1 IMG_1101-1 IMG_0958-1 IMG_1193-1 IMG_1021-1 IMG_0969-1 IMG_1062-1 IMG_0874-1 IMG_0881-1 IMG_0860-1 IMG_0948-1 IMG_1022-1 IMG_1063-1


IMG_0837-1 IMG_1151-1 IMG_1137-1


IMG_1386-1 IMG_1285-1 IMG_1288-1 IMG_1403-1

IMG_1229-1 IMG_1243-1 IMG_1269-1 IMG_1271-1 IMG_1286-1 IMG_1321-1 IMG_1318-1 IMG_1303-1 IMG_1332-1 IMG_1412-1


IMG_1437-1 IMG_1506-1 IMG_1508-1 IMG_1501-1 IMG_1496-1 IMG_1485-1 IMG_1480-1 IMG_1509-1 IMG_1470-1 IMG_1465-1 IMG_1469-1 IMG_1438-1 IMG_1468-1 IMG_1527-1 IMG_1536-1 IMG_1540-1 IMG_1541-1 IMG_1542-1 IMG_1543-1 IMG_1544-1 IMG_1545-1 IMG_1559-1 IMG_1561-1 IMG_1562-1

IMG_1566-1 IMG_1592-1

IMG_1579-1 IMG_1570-1 IMG_1574-1

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