I saw this quote last night & it made me stop & think & write down a few thankful thoughts. I guess on days like yesterday where your heart weighs heavy, being thankful for the small things can change perspective. change your mood. change your outlook. even if just for a moment…


it was a long day. when shane got home Sophia asked him to take her to the park, I told her I would take her when I took her sister to band practice because her daddy just got home from work & was tired. she would usually be thrilled to go to the park with anyone who offered but she started crying she didn’t want me to take her she wanted daddy to take her. at first I was a little hurt by the whole thing, ha. but then I realized that we both need a break from each other once in a while. that is ok.  shane said he would take her & her whole face lit up. sometimes you just need time with your daddy.

they got home, I was still feeling frustrated, not by anything in particular just life I guess. so I decided to take Sophia out to run around & try to get some silhouette shots of her at sunset. on the way home the moon was incredible. she noticed that the moon was following her home, the whole way home she kept saying “moon follow Sophia home” & she would smile. when we got home it was gone. she was crushed. she was crying, huge tears. I walked her up to the field & then she saw it, that big gorgeous moon had followed her home & was staring down into her back yard. that moment when she saw that moon, she smiled so big, she pointed, she said “see mama, the moon followed Sophia home” & I was thankful for that moment.

IMG_5302-1 IMG_5337-1

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