barbie & the park…

I remember going to the park at the elementary school by my house when I was little. such good memories. Sophia loves going to the park & up until just this summer the park was all about her & I or her & her dad or her & her sister. but now, when we get to the park she wants to meet the other kids, she wants to play with them. instead of begging me to go down the slide with her she looks for another little friend to go down the slide with her. and so it begins…


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this night is was just me & her & Barbie & that was perfect. I love the way she holds her barbies hand & runs her around the playground, talking to her, asking her what she wants to play on. “you want to slide Barbie? ok good. let’s slide” seriously, the sweetest thing ever!!

she put Barbie on the swings & Barbie of course fell off Sophia scooped her up & gave her the longest hug & kept saying “I sorry Barbie” “you ok Barbie, I sorry” oh my gosh my heart nearly burst. then she ran up to the slide & chucked that Barbie up the slide, laughed, climbed the stairs & then chucked Barbie back down the slide…. I don’t know maybe I need to get out more but that was seriously so funny to me. then she grabbed barbies hand & ran off with her again. oh to be three.

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that was Saturday. on sunday when we went to a different park in our neighborhood, that was the first time that Sophia encountered little girls that didn’t want to play with her. not only that they were mean. I felt so bad for her she just didn’t understand why they wouldn’t want to play with her & she kept trying to give them hugs. there is a tree with little berries on it at the park & Sophia loves to pick the berries & then we make “apple pie” with them in the sand. when we walked up the girls were picking the berries & putting them in piles & Sophia ran over to pick with them & she asked the older girl who was about 5 if she wanted “make apple pie” the girl pushed Sophia & told her it was her tree & Sophia couldn’t pick the berries. I went over & nicely told her that they could all share the tree. the girl walked away. Sophia tried a few more times & after that older girl pushed her again, with her dad standing right there talking to another dad I scooped up Sophia, looked at the dad’s & said “let’s just go to another park Sophia where there aren’t mean kids”. they said nothing. Sophia was so upset, we got her shoes back on & walked home. she kept saying “I sorry mama” I kept trying to explain to her that she didn’t do anything wrong, sometimes you meet people & they just don’t want to be your friend. how do you explain that to a three year old? i’m almost 39 & I still don’t get it.

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playing outside on sunday morning…

I wrote on Instagram that sometimes I think that her little body can’t possibly contain all of her personality & it just has to come spilling out. I love that.

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love you baby girl.

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