it was a rainy, dark day yesterday so when the sun came out just in time for an explosion of orange for sunset, we were both pretty excited for it.

we both went a little stir crazy yesterday & about 6:00 Sophia came out of her room with her hot pink swimming suit on declaring she was going swimming. I showed her it was still raining & she was not happy at all & then I filled up the tub for her & she “swam” with Barbie for about an hour.

When she got out of the water it was perfect time to catch the warm sun…


IMG_1357-1 IMG_1351-1


I almost didn’t post these because of the horrible fingerprints on the windows. then she did this & it perfectly explains why our windows all look like this…


this light inspires me.

Sophia & I go out in the evenings to run for the sun. now when I tell her we are going to catch the sunset she runs around the house saying hurry, hurry we’re going to miss it. that is what I do because usually it is a last minute decision & I tell her hurry we’re going to catch the sun. she loves it & I love that. sometimes we run up to the field, sometimes we hurry up & load into the car & drive & look for a good place to stop & get some pics. I love that she is all for it. I love that when I park she says hurry mama, we’re gonna miss it. my little sun lover.

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